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Budaka district is located in the rich tourist potential ie Mountain Elgon, Swam River in Kapchorwa and Inselburgs of Kachumbala in Bukedea district, plenty of birds and aquatic life in Lake Kyoga located in Pallisa district and major Rivers ie Mpologoma and Namataala.

The Road network is well developed with the prominent one being the greater Kampala-Mbale-Tirinyi Highway one of the best roads in Uganda connecting to the named Tourist sites. High class marum trunk and feeder roads are in usable conditions ie Mbale-Pallisa and other community access Roads traversing the entire district.

There are upcoming Hotel facilities in Budaka Town council ie Wilter Travelers inn and others under construction in Kamonkoli town board. This will go a long way in attracting tourists in the district.