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Production and Marketing

The production  and marketing department is headed by the District Production  and Marketing officer.The department is comprised of five sectors namely:Production management services ,crop,veterinary services,fisheries and Entomology.The department ensures that there is  provision of farmer education and agriculture information ,institutional linkages are maintained with all relevant sector agencies;comprising mostly crop,livestock,fisheries,forestry and industrial research,marketing organisations,NGOs and CBOs engaged in agricultural activities.Staffing levelThe department currently has 20 staff that include;the District Production Officer,the District Veterinary Officer,the District Fisheries Officer,the District Agricultural officer and the Fisheries officer at the head office and 15 field extension workers(08 for crop and 07  in the Veterinary sector).It is therefore worthy noting that the staffing level in the department is still quiet low with each extension worker managing two or three subcounties.Agriculture is the major economic activity in Budaka district.The majority of farmers are small holder who grow both perennial and annual crops.The perennial crops include Banana,Coffee and Cotton ,while the annuals include maize,sweet potatoes,beans,cassava and groundnuts.The annual crops are mostly grown for home consumption.Numbers of farm families  involved in  Agriculture are approximately 34,898.The department is tasked with identifying market potentials and advising the producers appropriately, providing and regulating veterinary and animal husbandry activities among related services.They also carryout demonstration on water harvesting for small scale irrigation, with atleast one demonstration to be established in one of the two participating cooperatives (Idudi rice farmers cooperative  or Suni farmers cooperative) under the auspices of Climate SMART agriculture a UNDP funded project.