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Trade, Industry and Local Economic Development

The district has a fully pledged and functional department for trade industry and local economic development.The department is headed by the District Commercial Officer.The structure of the department is not fully filled especially in the critical areas of Tourism which is the focus of government as one of the priority growth potential.The department is established and it is incharge of coordinating local economic development in the district.

The main focus of the department is to build capacity of local entrepreneurship skills among the people especially the youth.Its one of the centres for private driver sector growth and job cretion.Local communities are organised to form and operate in SACCOS.Budaka as a district has only Uganda Clays as the major industrial concern engaged in the production of building and construction materials.The industry is located in Mugiti S/C along Kamonkoli-Mbale road.Due to the existence of one factory,the district has limited commercial and industrial activities taking place.

Trade and business activities carriedout in retail and wholesale forms in the main business centre of Budaka Town in Budaka Town Council where the district Headquarters is situated.Similar activities are also carried out in the rural sub-counties in the growing trading centres and town boards.The district has 21 SACCO groups and cooperatives in the different SubCounties of Budaka,Kamonkoli.Iki-iki,Naboa,Kameruka and Kaderuna among others