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Works and Technical Services

The Works Sector comprises two Departments (the Department of Roads and Technical Services and that of Rural Water and Sanitation). The sector further has to ensure proper quality in design, construction, inspection and maintenance of all 20 Local Administration building structures. The national roads are developed and maintained by the Ministry of Works and Transport. The District Local Government maintains district roads while Community access roads are the responsibility of the Lower Local Governments.

Road Sector
The District is well served with a network of roads categories as trunk, feeder and community access depending on the maintenance category i.e. Central Government, District and Sub-county level. The District road network comprises of 282.28km of gazetted District feeder roads, 61.0km of trunk roads and 371.6km of community access roads.

The District feeder road network includes all those which currently fall within or under the Budaka district boundaries. All the District gazetted feeder roads have been designated with new link numbers, starting with the District code number (77). The District benefits from the services of Tirinyi- Mbale high way, which is one of the best major tarmac roads in the Country. Pallisa- Mbale high class marrum road forms part of the District road network. 

About 16.5 percent of the District's 210.28km road network is in good condition, whilst 57.5 percent in fair condition and 25.5 percent in poor condition.  However, it should be noted that currently, the following organisations are funding the road sector in the District: Central Government conditional releases (URF and LGMSD), local revenue and NGO/Donor (FADEP and CAIIP.