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“I am giving you up to Friday to have students shift to new site,” RDC Budaka.

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Monday, March 6, 2023

Mr.Magunda George,the RDC Budaka has given the contractor for Kamonkoli Seed Secondary school until 10th March 2023 to have the students occupy the new premises.The call was made this afternoon during the management meeting No.3 held at the construction site of Kamonkoli Seed School.While making his remarks,RDC informed the members that the school is overdue for commissioning.He added that the site would rather be handed over for the good of the students and parents and if bad for the contractor.“Come that day,we shall not have anything else to discuss but rather walk with students to the new site ,”RDC said.He then asked the district stakeholders to desist from awarding contracts to contractors who slow down the progress of service delivery in the subsequent construction works.He further urged the contractor to finalize the remaining works within the shortest period possible.Contractor Ms.Lab plus assured members that by 10th April 2023, the site will be ready for commissioning.He noted that the staff houses are almost to completion pending painting.He also explained that the classrooms are left with fixing of glasses on the windows ,fixing shelves and completion of furniture however ,the contractor said that a lot of pending works are in the Science laboratory and other installations respectively.The contractor promised to do his best to have the classrooms functional by 10th March 2023.Mr.Pajje Emmanuel the District Chairperson, emphasized to the contractor to devise measures of having the students at the school by Monday next week due to public demand.He informed the members not to worry since the Head teacher will take charge of his students and the contractor too his workers for their safety.“Community feels we have betrayed them for not having the seed school functioning,”LCV added.He pledged to work together with the contractor and other stakeholders so as to have the pending works handled within the minimal time left.CAO Budaka Mr. Piwang Elly, noted that the construction works are at 70% henceforth still behind schedule as per the contract agreement.He appealed to the contractor to expedite the works since the old site is congested with about 500 students.He then tasked the District Project management Committee together with the Headteacher to sit with the contractor tomorrow in order to workout modalities on how best to have the sectional handover.Mr.Mugweri Charles, the District Engineer expressed concern over the contractor who has done a disservice to the district evident by the delayed works.He called for team work between the school and the contractor as they look forward to the sectional handover.Mr.Mugoda Bernard,th LC3 Chairperson for Kamonkoli Subcounty,was in consensus with the team to have the sectional handover for service delivery.The Headteacher Kamonkoli requested the team to use the available structures awaiting others to be completed due to the too much congestion in the classroom faced by the school.He expressed fear over the rains that are forthcoming which may affect the learning process if not handled.