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“Let’s put the PDM money to business and not politics,”Says Hon. Asamo Hellen.

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Thursday, March 30, 2023

The Minister of State for Gender,Labour and Social Development(Disability affairs) has called upon the PDM SACCO beneficiaries to invest the Parish Revolving Fund(PRF) into rightful enterprises as guided during their trainings by the technical staff.The call was made this afternoon during the launch of PDM PRF disbursement at Saza grounds in Budaka District today.While launching the PRF,Hon.Asamo tasked DFCU bank where the two pilot SACCOs of Macholi in Budaka TC and Sekulo in Kadimukoli subcounty belong ,to ensure that the beneficiaries receive the money this evening and if not will be arrested tomorrow.She told the beneficiaries to do the calculation (Ekibalo) of the money they are to receive inorder to increase production.She further asked them to ensure that they retain something in their pockets after paying off the loan for the groups to grow.The Minister also encouraged the beneficiaries to continue mobilizing other people who still believe that PDM is not real so as to enable them benefit too.She further cautioned the beneficiaries against using their spouse particulars like telephone numbers for opening accounts because the bank will not credit them.She advised those with such defaults to rectify them with immediate effect for accessibility of funds.She also urged the beneficiaries to work hard inorder to chase poverty out of their homes and Bukedi at large aware that the region is second to Karamoja interms of poverty levels.“Parish Chiefs carry a big burden and any mistake they commit in line with PDM,they will be held accountable,”Hon.Asamo emphasized.She emphasized on the issues of Ugx 4B that the district received which spells out 30%for women, 30% for the youth,10% for PWDs,10% for the elders and 20% for the men respectively.She also added that government has allocated Ugx 1B to every district which is to invested on roads alongside other PDM activities for accesibility of markets.She then encourage the district leadership to closely monitor PDM alongside other government programs since the program has no operational funds.Mr.Piwang Elly,the Chief Administrative Officer Budaka informed members that they have instructed all banks comprising of;DFCU,Housing Finance,Centenary and Post bank to ensure that all accounts are opened by 10th April 2023 with beneficiaries receiving funds since trainings at parishes have been concluded.He also informed members they have done all things possible to have the SACCOs prepared pending political mobilization.He also informed them that all accounts opened for Sekulo and Macholi will be credited with money by close of today as per the communication from DFCU bank however,he promised to share the screen shots of the 05 beneficiaries from each SACCO with the Minister for purposes of accountability.He then appreciated government of Uganda for supporting the people of Budaka in the fight against poverty.The Resident District Commissioner Budaka,Mr.Magunda George assured beneficiaries not in the first phase that they will all receive money in the next phase.RDC tasked the parish chiefs to supervise the beneficiaries and not interfere with their money.He also appreciated His Excellency the president for extending the funds to last mile beneficiary something which he has never seen since time memorial.Mr.Pajje Emmanuel,the District Chairperson encouraged the beneficiaries to utilize the PDM funds appropriately since it’s a revolving fund.He further asked them to invest the money in rightful businesses so as to improve on their livelihoods.