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PDM data collection meeting with the Subcounty chiefs and the Town Clerks

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Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Mr.Piwang Elly,the Chief Administrative Officer Budaka has urged the SACAO’s to ensure that the parish chiefs collect all the data on households to a 100% by close of business next week.The call follows a number of gaps realised by various ministries in line with PDM data collection which is delaying disbursement of PDM funds across the country.While addressing the SACAO’s this afternoon, the Chief Administrative Officer gave the LLG heads upto next Friday to have all the data.He noted that the district is at 60%b in terms of data collection which clearly indicates that the parish chiefs did not reach out to all households as per the projected UBOS statistics of 2014.“I am looking for 40% which can take a week to be achieved ,”CAO emphasised.He added that the parish chiefs have to take up the mantle of collecting the data which will be analysed and used for decision making as clearly stipulated in the schedule of duties.He also asked the team to work along with the available structures of the LLG’s.He further informed members that the ministerial team is following up with the exercise in the parishes of Petete and Nangeye respectively.CAO also thanked the District PDM team for the work they are doing in ensuring that results are realised in the district.Mr.Kabise Shaban,the  District Planner then appreciated the team for being cooperative during the PDC stakeholders training exercise. He also tasked the SACAO’s to continue with the supervision role amidst other challenges like the system errors.He added that PDM is one of the assessment areas henceforth needs to be taken seriously.Among other service delivery issues CAO shared with the team included;·         SACAO’s to submit the SACCO’s verification reports to CAO and as well share with the PDM focal person in a week’s time.·         SACAO’s to convene a meeting tomorrow with their LLG staff in order to address the PDM data collection issue.·         Sub Accountants to submit Local revenue registers by 29th August 2022.·         SACAO’s to submit performance reports and agreements FFY 2022/23 to the PHRO as soon as possible.·         SACAO’s to ensure proper utilisation of funds at the LLG’s as per the budget which and also take charge of their administrative units.·         SACAO’s to inform the LC1 and LC11 Chairpersons that they will be receiving a 8th of the budget which is equivalent to UGX 15,000 this quarter awaiting CAO’s communication. In LLG’s there will be no development grants and other government transfers thus a national issue.·         Addressed issues of late coming and absenteeism in LLG’s in order to avoid being caught on the wrong side of the law.·         District PDM team to supervise the data collection exercise respectively.