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Previsit of Nansanga Seed School

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Friday, November 4, 2022

 CAO has advised the district councilors for Nansanga  and Chaairman Land Board to lobby for additional land from the community for the construction of Nansanga Seed secondary school.The call was made this morning during the Pre-visit meeting to the school.While giving his remarks,Mr.Piwang Elly the Chief Administrative Officer urged the leaders of Nansanga to look for more land inorder to meet the required standard of 8.6 hectares.He further explained to members that the school is expected to have classroom blocks.a football pitch,staff quarters and a laboratory among others.He also emphasized to the leaders to mobilise ore children to join the school since the enrollment of 192 students was still low.He encouraged the communities to protect the construction materials that will be put at the site during construction.CAO then alluded to the communities to ensure that they make quality concrete bricks that will suit the contractors demand as per the Bill of Quantities.He further informed the communities about the commissioning that will be done soon.Ms.Nafuna Irene the Senior Land Management Officer informed members that they secured 3.5 acres of land for the seed school which was surveyed.She added that the land was still small with corners henceforth needs addition.Mr.Kabise Shaban the District Planner appreciated the Headteacher of the school for mobilizing the community.He also thanked the donor of the land for donating it to the school.He further warned him against denaying that the land was donated freely to the school in future.Ms.Mugala Kanifah,the Senior Education Officer who represented the District Education Officer in the meeting emphasized the issue of additional land for the school.LCIII Chairperson  encouraged communities to lay bgricks that will be sold to the contractor.The district Councilors called for cooperation between the community and the contractor.They also informed the community about a primary school being though in Budebuke.The Chairman Land Board emphasized to members that the land was donated freely.He further explained that the same donor offered land for the health facility of Nansanga some time back.The LCI Chairperson confirmed to members that additional land was avaialable.