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Secretary Health and Education has appealed to the relevant stakeholders in the district to lobby for more support from MOH.

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Tuesday, February 14, 2023

Hon.Mukamba George who represented the District Chairperson in today’s site meeting has called upon the DHO’s office, office of Chief Administrative Officer and the District Chairperson to seek support from Ministry of Health in order to have the Pediatric ward fully complete.This follows the pending major works of the Pediatric ward phase IV at Health Centre IV that are to be addressed in future due to the  limited resources  envelope.While giving his remarks, Hon.Mukamba assured members that government cannot fail to support the facility with the resources needed to have the structure complete.He then appreciated the contractor for the good work done evident during inspection.Mr.Mugweri Charles, the District Engineer informed members that the facility will be put to use by the hospital management for service delivery though some works are still pending due to limited resources.He also informed members that the contract sum for Phase IV of the pediatric ward was UGX 149,573,443 which commenced on 02December 2022.He noted that the contractor was doing minor plumbing works pending the major plumbing works.“Phase IV is the last stage  for the building to be completed with a number of preliminary activities like ceiling works,fixing of doors and window frames,internal plastering,internal painting ,plumbing works and electrical installatio,’’District Engineer said.He informed members that M/S.Rexco Ltd. has so far completed ceiling works,casting of conices,fixing doors and windows,plastering and casting terrazzo pending painting and glazing of doors and window frames,fixing of tiles in offices and electrical installation.He added that the plumbing works were ongoing,external painting and grinding among others. He advised the contractor to multitask so as to accomplish his works by 30 March 2023 as per the contract agreement.M/S.Rexco Ltd asked the accounting officer and his team to expedite the approval process to enable him do extra works.He promised to have all pending works accomplished by 15th March 2023 and from 16th -30th snagging time awaiting handover.Deputy RDC informed members that it was a nice meeting discussing issues that had been overdue.He applauded the contractor for the recommendable job done and tasked him to double his efforts.He also appreciated procurement unit for awarding the contract to the right contractor.He encouraged the DHO to ensure that other services are brought on board like COVID-19 screening.He implored members to continue mobilizing communities for the measles vaccination exercise that commence last Friday.“DHO we need to secure a blood bank in the facility even if it means conducting a run or campaign in order to save the lives of our people,”RDC emphasized.The District Councilor Budaka, Hon.Komugisha Sophie also appreciated the great works and requested the District Engineer for a shade in the facility in future.Chairperson Health Unit Management, Mr.Magoola Patrick called upon the contractor to ensure that he accomplishes the pending works within the contractor period.Dr.Mutaki Winnie,the Health In charge requested the CAO to address the issue of Human Resource as they wait to receive the facility. She appreciated all the relevant stakeholders for support rendered towards the facility.The Principal Human Resource Officer, Mr.Mwirugazu Paul who represented the CAO thanked the contractor for the work and urged him to fix the gaps realized in the structure with immediate effect. He informed the contractor that his payments will be processed as per the certificate.Mr.Kutta Noah, the Senior Procurement officer requested for a performance security from the contractor to enable him pass the payments. He also emphasized to the contractor to ensure that he accomplishes his works within the contract period since the contract will not be extended.